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The Bullfinch zone straddles the salt lakes of Lake Deborah East and West and Lake Baladjie, stretching down to the Copperhead mine adjacent to the town of Bullfinch, WA. The Bullfinch zone is a wide area covering the Southern Cross greenstone belt in addition to less-explored regions east and west of the greenstone belt. This wide landholding sees the Bullfinch zone prospective for gold mineralisation as well as a wide variety of other mineral deposits, including nickel-copper sulphides, iron ore and lithium.

Three historic workings – Withers, Reynolds Find and Rutherford Find – are the most advanced gold exploration prospects on the tenure. However, these sites in addition to other prospective targets remain relatively underexplored and warrant further exploration.

Corinthia North

The Corinthia North Zone stretches from the historic Corinthia gold mine in the south to the Copperhead mine in the north. Similar to the Bullfinch zone, Corinthia north encompasses the highly prospective regions of the Southern Cross greenstone belt in addition to areas east and west of the gold fairway. 

Corinthia North possesses a series of highly prospective gold and nickel targets, including the Empire prospect which is located on the Fraser Shear Zone. The prospect is located xkm north of the Corinthia mine, and hosts a series of historical works, demonstrating a long association with gold mineralisation.

Hopes Hills

The Hopes Hill zone is Golden Horse’s southernmost zone of tenure blanketing the Fraser Shear Zone. This prime location stretches from the town of Southern Cross in the south to the Corintha mine in the north and is highly prospective, containing a series of gold and nickel prospects.

This zone features the Parisian and Norwoods and Pilot prospects, a trio of highly-prospective targets covering the area around the historic Pilot mine and an area immediately along strike trending to the north. In addition to historical workings, these areas have been identified as key targets following positive EM surveying and rock chip sampling, as well as reconnaiss...