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Corinthia North

The Corinthia North tenements cover 11.5 kilometres of the FCSZ. Several less explored structures subparallel to the FCSZ have also been identified by previous workers utilising both geophysical and geochemical datasets.

Two primary targets - Glen Innes and Paddocks – and nine subsidiary targets have been identified in the Corinthia North tenements.



  • Paddocks
  • Glen Innes


Glen Innes- 80% Earn in Joint Venture - Surveyor Resources Pty Ltd

  • Altan Drilling in 2019 successfully discovered mineralisation North of the Corinthian Mine
  • Follow up drilling 2021

The Paddocks target covers a 2.2km-long area which has returned a patchy subdued magnetic response of magnetic stratigraphy in the interpreted position of the FCSZ, coincident with a strong gold-in-auger response.

Drill coverage below 50m vertical is limited with historical drilling not effectively testing the gold-in-auger anomaly.

Historical drill intercepts at Paddocks have included 3m @ 9.51g/t from 48 metres in drillhole SXR032​ and 4m @ 5.5g/t from 18m in drillhole UNKUNK020.​
CN04, as shown on the map, is a zone of interpreted magnetic destruction adjacent to the FCSZ.​
Historical intercepts have included 2m @ 7.72g/t​ and 5m @ 2.0g/t from 23m​.
[Altan Rio is proposing to undertake 1,500m of RAB drilling and 1,000m of RC drilling at Paddocks prospect as part of its Phase 2 exploration program.]

image 18


In 2019, Altan successfully discovered mineralisation north of the Corinthia Mine, highlighting the gold mineralisation potential at Glen Innes. Since then, Altan Rio has carried out RC drilling at the Glen Innes prospect confirming and extending the zone of strong gold anomalism recorded from historical drilling. Mineralisation was extended down-dip below the previously reported intercepts of 2m @ 7.59 g/t from 69m and 5m @ 4.20 g/t from 77m in drillhole 19SSRC004 with a new strongly anomalous intercept of 14m @ 0.43 g/t from 109m in drillhole 20ARC004.

Historical intersections were 12m @ 0.56 g/t Au in hole 89BSR129, and 1m @ 2.9 g/t Au in hole 88BSR130. ​​Mineralisation is open along strike and at depth.​

image 19